Moon Vehicle

Moon Vehicle began in 2008 at the time of the launch of India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. It was a cultural response to the scientific mission to the Moon and created an ongoing series of forums, events and workshops through which a shared dialogue emerged about the Moon, technologies, science and creativity.

Satellite Stories

Satellite Stories is an ongoing series of work about satellite networks that began around 2003. This work attempts to make tangible the distant and invisible architectures of orbiting satellites through oral descriptions and re-enactments. Here there are stories of lost spacecraft and the struggles of Equatorial countries to assert their rights to space technology.

Breaking the Surface

Breaking the Surface is a series of work made before 2003. It is about the way helicopters and submarines hover between pragmatic functionalism and sublime mythologies. Here there are stories of a hunt for submarines and the insect-like patrols of urban helicopters

The Satellite Investigator blog that was formerly at this url has been archived.