Republic of the Moon, London 2014

10 January-2 February 2014, produced by The Arts Catalyst. A major exhibition in which artists consider their visions for a Republic of the Moon. With artists Agnes Meyer-Brandis | Katie Paterson | Liliane Lijn | Leonid Tishkov | Joanna Griffin | WE COLONISED THE MOON

At Bargehouse, London, UK.

Moon Stories

Staged as part of The Arts Catalyst's exhibition Republic of the Moon (January 2014, The Bargehouse, London). Families spent an afternoon researching and making all the spacecraft that landed on (or missed or orbited) the Moon. We did a countdown and staged a re-enactment of everything ever shot at the Moon. Next time we'll call it Moon Shot!

MV2-Moon Vehicle 2

Held at Drishya Learning Centre, Bengaluru one year after the first Moon Vehicle Summer school. This time we aimed to recreate an experience of going to the Moon without the aid of the scientists or technology we accessed during our first mission.

This time we made our own imaginary plans using drawings, fake photography, film journals and guided meditation.

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