Dr Marek Kukula and Dr Joanna Griffin exchange ideas and discuss issues around the science of space and the night sky in relation to visual art. Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art as part of the Free Exchange programme.

7-9pm, Wednesday 20 July 2016. Location: Newton Field Centre, Northamptonshire

Off the Lip: Transdisciplinary approaches to cognitve innovation 2015, 'The formational imaginaries of space technology as an issue of cognitive innovation'

The imagery of spaceflight is dominated by the graphic allure of starkly lit objects set against the black background of space and often depicted from a 'God's-eye view' (Haraway, 1982) or Archimedean point (Arendt, 1963). This paper was about the ways that images, especially imagined images,

pervade the cognitive formation of space technology and translate into actual technology. It is a paper that began with a hunch after I noticed similar tropes coming up in conversations with influential space professionals at industry conferences.

Global Lunar Day

Presenter and panellist with Bernard Foing, Executive Director of International Lunar Exploration Working Group; Bee Thakore, Space Generation Advisory Council and Marek Kukula, Royal Observatory Public Astronomer; moderated by Jill Stuart, Editor of Space Policy Journal.

Republic of the Moon 2014 The Arts Catalyst, Bargehouse, London, UK.

Science and Society 2013

2013 'Language, Art and Authorship: A comparative approach towards making sense of the science-society question' (Joanna Griffin and Jobin Kanjirakkat). At Emerging agendas for citizens and sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada. [poster] [participation by invitation].

The poster drew together the work of two researchers/practitioners who consider issues of science and society from two separate spheres – linguistics and artistic practices. It offers reflections on how language and viewpoint can help guide approaches to how we understand and improve the interplay between science and society, and improve science policies for the future, by posing two related questions:

What is a common language that science and society speak? &

How do we trace an experience of science and society within the intimate spaces of our lives?

Centre for Contemporary Studies (CCS) Indian Institute of Science

2012 'Re-imaging Space Technology: Encounters with Chandrayaan-1 through art-practice perspectives'

Invited speaker, Centre for Contemporary Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka India.

Space and Society Symposium (The Role of Artists in Space)

2012 Artistic Practice and Autonomous Spacefaring Activities

63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy.

16th Symposium on Small Satellite Missions (Hitchhiking to the Moon)

2012 'The Incorporation of Transdisciplinary Thinking into the Development of Hitchhiking Payloads'.

63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy.

Moon Vehicle Cafe

2010 Public Ownership of Astronomy Symposium

Kalpaneya Yatre Astronomy Festival, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Artist talk


2011 Secret Satellites exhibition, Belfast Exposed Gallery, Belfast, UK.

Children's Festivals


(with Prajval Shastri), 13th All India People’s Science Congress, Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Finding Meaning


Global Lunar Congress (GLUC) and 11th ILEWG Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon,, Beijing, China.

Moon Vehicle

2009 (with Babita Harry), 15th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA): Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments, University of Ulster in association with Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Belfast, UK.